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About Us

This site is based on our personal experiences of being widowed and those of other widows we have met. It includes the many questions we would have loved to be able to ask and couldn’t.

Information & Guidance

We want to encourage people to talk, to share their wishes about what they want after they die and to make a record. Not just arrangements for the funeral and a will, although they are important, but the wide range of things that are left as unknown to widows, family and friends. The conversations are wide ranging from our passwords and IT access, what to do with clothes, friends that we need to inform, to what to do with that collection of beer mats, dolls or tools.

Through this site we aim to provide a safe space to plan and record but also a place to share information & experiences

Being widowed doesn’t come with a guide book

This Website Offers

  • A guide of what to discuss and plan
  • A guide to actions and ideas
  • A forum and space to talk, share and learn
  • Experiences of Widows
  • A safe and secure space to record and share plans*

*We aim to offer this service soon

Our Founders

Janet and Colin were both widowed within 6 months of each other after more our less 40 years of marriage each. They met through a fantastic widows support group called Way-Up. As they shared their experiences they realised that people don’t plan at all for the very event that they had both experienced first hand



Who is the site for

Everyone! Not specifically widows, but their experience can help others, we aim to encourage couples, (families and close ones) to consider, talk, understand and plan for the inevitable and to store those conversations safely

What Does it Cost

Our site is free to use and to contribute to. Our aim is to keep it this way for as much as we possibly can. That’s not to say that at some point we may give people the option to buy extra services or maybe take advantages of discounts that we’ve been able to negotiate with associates.


Site Admins

Colin & Janet

Colin & Janet

Site Admins

Colin was widowed  in 2018, Janet was widowed suddenly in 2017 both had been with their respective partners’ for around 40 years. Based on their own experiences and those of fellow widows and widowers that they’d spoken to. they recognised that most people simply don’t talk or plan for part of their future that is  to a large extent inevitable.

They set up this site and hope that it will inspire people to think, to talk and to plan and hopefully remove some of the pain and anguish that can be felt by those that are left behind.

 This site is dedicated to the loved ones that they lost and to all those who have suffered bereavement.


Please join our community, share learn and encourage


Like most of what we do as we move forward with our lives, our thoughts are with our the loved ones we lost, so this site along with rest of our lives is dedicated to Rosie and Ian and all of those no longer with us.