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Are you looking for general advice on how to make a will? Such as packs in WH Smith etc.  I would not make my own will, even with guidance from WH Smith or even online.  I want to make sure a real solicitor has responsibility if something went wrong.  It is too late afterwards, one of you will not know, obviously, but the one left behind could be in deep *****.  Gentleman who lived down the road from us (Named ONE) made his own will.  ONE had two sons about 30 miles away but they never visited even when he had to have MacMillan calling in to see to his basic needs.  He made his own will because another neighbour (TWO) said he had witnessed it, but you only get to see the last page, not details.  At the time TWO said ONE was being very bitter about the sons not coming to see him.  After the funeral ONE's sons turned up, emptied the house and it went up for sale.  Was fraud committed?  We will never know.  5 years ago the house went for £160000 and there were some very nice furnishings as well which went off in the removal van.

Posted : 05/07/2020 5:59 pm