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We’re talking About, Log-ins, Usernames and Passwords

The list is endless, from email accounts, banking and HMRC to entertainment such as Netflix and access to out photos and memories.  We are constantly told not to write these on paper or leave them around for others to see, however so many widows talk of the difficulties faced in accessing email and social media accounts, not being allowed to talk to service providers without passwords and not been able to sign in to laptops and cloud based information. Yes, security is so important and our site provides secure, controlled storage of this personal data, that your partner, friend or nominated trustee can access if you die but no other user can see.

Our suggestions below encourage you to create a ‘digital walllet’ and safely store your passwords and ensure that they can only be accessed by a nominated person or persons.

Your passwords and logins are for ever expanding and changing. We all know the frustration of, ‘I can’t remember my password’, however this is so much more difficult when someone who is grieving can only find outdated passwords and cannot access your phone or email for reset. We remind you to regularly update and add to your ‘Digital Estate Wallet’.

Tips and Suggestions from Experience:

Use the checklist in the template to create a digital wallet

  • Update Regularly
  • Consider all accounts, online banking, mortgages etc
  • Consider your Social media access
  • Sign up for Inactive account manager on social media
  • Consider social media (removal or memoralised)
  • Remember if no one can access accounts such as crypto currencies the value is lost

Documentation you may need

  • Insurance
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Divorce separation papers, change of name papers
  • National insurance number
  • Will
  • Birth certificate, adoption certificate


Names and addresses of medical professionals

  • Medicines
  • End-of-life instructions – DNR etc – Gravitas clinics


  • Banking
  • Online Houshold Bills – Untilites – Council Tax
  • Mortgages
  • Bank/Other Loans

A further check list  (not exhaustive) and it will be constantly changing

Key Log ins

  • Laptop
  • Computer
  • Phone
  • Email Accounts
  • Cloud Accounts
  • Photos – Google – iPhoto
  • Onsline Shopping – Amazon – Ebay – Store – Accounts


  • Bank Account
  • Investments
  • Mortgages
  • Crypto Currency

Social Media

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Linked In
  • Twitter
  • You Tube
  • Tik Tok
  • Pinstrest

Entertainnent & TV packages

  • Netflix
  • iTunes
  • Spotify
  • Now TV
  • Sky
  • Apple TV
  • Disney+
  • Amazon Prime

With your help we can make this list exhaustive why not tell us what we’ve missed in our forum