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Many families are left to consider what to do next, wondering how their loved one would want to be remembered or if, they would like to be formally remembered in any way at all. An initial decision often relates to the burial or cremation.  Where to be buried and where to scatter ashes but there are many other considerations, these can lead to dilemmas and these follow on from the funeral, thick and fast.

Firstly there is that funeral collection, should it go to charity, are there any other charities that your loved one would wish to support and those ashes, should some be kept as a memento, if so where. There are options galore.

Ashes to Glass is a company that preserves ashes as ornaments,  for example paperweights or jewellery. Clothes can be made into Teddy bears, pillows, bedspreads or cushion covers. Perhaps there are photographs or videos with special meaning, if so which ones and exactly how should they be kept and displayed. 

There may be a particular cause that should be supported either with a one-off donation or an annual contribution. Perhaps your partner add a hobby or sport,  it may be that you could arrange for an annual award or special event in his or her memory. A keen gardener may be remembered with the flowerbed or entire garden.  A keen walker or traveller may appreciate a bench in a favourite location.

A famous person was once asked how he’d like to be remembered, apparently a member of the audience responded with “forever”.


Memorial Ideas & Checklist

  •  Headstone/Urn
  •  Memorial garden
  •  Tree
  •  Bench/Plaque
  •  Scrapbook
  • Memory box
  • Charitable donation
  • Memory bear
  • Memory cushions
  • Memory quilt
  • Ashes to paperweight
  • Ashes to jewellery
  • Ashes in a rocket
  • Ashes to rings
  • Other rings & Jewellery